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Nancy Brickhouse, Ph.D.Nancy Brickhouse, Ph.D., is Saint Louis University's Provost. Dr. Brickhouse is SLU's chief academic officer, responsible directly to the President for the fulfillment of SLU's mission via the leadership and oversight of all academic, research/scholarship, and enrollment management services.

All academic deans (except the Dean of the School of Medicine) report directly to Dr. Brickhouse, as do the Vice President for Research Services, the Vice President for Enrollment and Retention Management, the Director and Dean of the Madrid Campus, the Dean of the University Libraries, the Director of the Center for Sustainability, the Director of the Center for Health Care Ethics, and the Associate and Assistant Provosts who comprise the Provost's senior staff.

As Provost, Dr. Brickhouse is responsible for supporting major initiatives advancing SLU's University Strategic Plan. In collaboration with the University Vice Presidents and members of the Executive Staff, Dr. Brickhouse is responsible for the development and implementation of all academic strategic plans, as well as the development and adherence to the academic affairs budget; the building, renovation, and allocation of all academic and research space is also the under her purview.

Prior to her service at SLU, Dr. Brickhouse was deputy provost for academic affairs at the University of Delaware, where she was on the faculty for more than 27 years. Dr. Brickhouse earned her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Baylor University, and her master's and doctoral degrees from Purdue University.

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