Nursing Scholarships

Saint Louis University's Office of Student Financial Services is your most important resource for financial assistance. The office can be reached by phone at 314-977-2350.

The application deadline for undergraduate and graduate nursing scholarships is in June unless otherwise listed.

Undergraduate Nursing Scholarships

*The general undergraduate and accelerated scholarship applications listed above cover multiple scholarship funds which include:

  • Viola Beckmann Scholarship
  • Rita Kerlin Benning Memorial Scholarship
  • Rev. Edward Filipiak Scholarship
  • Franciscan Sisters of Mary Endowed Scholarship
  • Joan Hrubetz Honorary Scholarship
  • Margaret C. Michelson Scholarship for Nursing Students
  • Med-Sense Guaranteed Association Scholarship
  • Alice O'Leary and Ann O'Leary Triska Scholarship
  • School of Nursing Scholarship Program

Graduate Nursing Scholarships

Applying for a Scholarship  

Please keep the following in mind as you apply through the School of Nursing: 

  • Validate your eligibility before completing the application.  
  • Applications must be entirely completed for consideration. Any missing information, specifically GPA, will disqualify you from the scholarship review process.  
  • Preferential consideration will be given to School of Nursing sophomores, juniors and seniors.
  • Except when the application deadline is earlier, please submit scholarship applications after the spring semester to ensure we have your most current GPA.
  •  Mail scholarship applications to:
    Saint Louis University School of Nursing
    Attn: Scott Ragsdale
    3525 Caroline Mall
    St. Louis, MO 63104 

    Applications can also be emailed to
  • Contact Scott Ragsdale at 314-977-8995 or with any questions.