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In the general undergraduate curriculum at Saint Louis University most students are required to take theology. The basic introductory course, Theological Foundations, introduces the student to the God of revelation within the Judaeo-Christian tradition as grasped in faith and to the understanding of its implications for living a human life, respecting creation and pursuing beauty and truth. This is done within an ecumenical and global context, examining other world religions and various social realities. Subsequent courses focus more specifically on an aspect of Christian or other religious traditions and address important social and moral issues of our day.

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  • Download a printable document / worksheet outlining the Major Requirements
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    The Major in Theological Studies consists of 33 credit hours (=11 courses).

    I. Foundational Theology

    Scripture Course: One 2000-level course: either THEO 2100 OLD TESTAMENT or THEO 2200 NEW TESTAMENT

    II. Areas & Electives

    The remaining 7 courses (excluding the 2 seminars) must be taken in different areas and at different levels. Of the remaining 7 courses, students must take at least two 4000-level courses, and they may take anywhere from zero to two 2000-level courses. All other courses should be at the 3000-level or 4000-level.

    Second Scripture Course
    To insure majors take courses in both Testaments, this course must be in the other testament than the first Scripture Course above. (So if THEO 2100 has already been taken, then the second Scripture course must be in the area of New Testament.)

    Area requirements
    Students must take courses in two of the following four areas:

    Theology & History (THEO x300-490)
    Faith & Reason (THEO x500-590)
    Christian Morality & Society (THEO x600-690)
    Non-Christian Religious Traditions (THEO x700-790)

    Four Electives (any area at the 2000/3000/4000 level)

    III. Seminars

    Research Seminars:                                                                                                 

      Capstone Seminar I (THEO 4960) (Fall of Senior Year)
      Capstone Seminar II (THEO 4965) (Spring of Senior Year)

    The two seminars are intended to foster community and advanced theological reflection for majors. The first is the "Capstone I" (THEO 4960). Taken during the fall semester of the senior year, this seminar provides students a comprehensive introduction to thinking, writing, and speaking theologically.

    The second is the "Capstone Seminar II" (THEO 4965). Taken during the final semester of the senior year, this seminar provides students the opportunity to develop an integrative research project in collaboration with other graduating seniors. The seminar culminates in public presentations.

  • Download a printable document / worksheet outlining the Minor Requirements
    by clicking here

    The minor consists of 15 hours (= 5 courses) [after the THEO 1000 course which is a prerequisite for the minor]. The student must complete two 2000 level courses, one 3000 level course, and one 4000 level course, as well as an additional 3000 or 4000 level course of your choice. The breakdown is as follows:

    (3) THEO 1000
    (6) THEO 2000 level
    (3) THEO 3000 level
    (3) THEO 4000 level
    (3) THEO 3000/4000 level
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