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Full-Time Faculty

A. Michael Anch, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Cognition & Neuroscience (Ph.D., Saint Louis University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2821, 977-2274,
  • Research Interests: Sleep; sleep disorders; nutrition; nutrition and sleep; pharmacology of sleep; aging; aging and sleep; demyelinating disease and brain-behavior relationships
  • Teaching Interests: Physiological psychology; psychology of sleep; general psychology; psychopharmacology
Kira Hudson Banks

Kira Hudson Banks, Associate Professor, Clinical Program (Ph.D., University of Michigan)

  • Morrissey Hall 2817, 977-4280,
  • Research Interests: Race and racial Identity, discrimination and mental health, diversity and inclusion.
  • Teaching Interests: Human Diversity, Abnormal, Human Services Practicum

Tony W. Buchanan, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Cognition and Neuroscience and Director of the Neuroscience Program (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma)

  • Morrissey Hall 2507, 977-2271,
  • Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of stress. Cognitive, psychophysiological, and neuroimaging studies of stress and the effects of stress on memory processes.

Eddie M. Clark, Professor, Experimental Program: Social (Ph.D., Ohio State University)

  • Morrisey Hall 2819, 977-2272,
  • Research Interests: Attitudes and persuasion (health-related communications); close relationships (relationship satisfaction and commitment)
  • Teaching Interests: Social psychology; health psychology; attitudes and persuasion; close relationships; African American psychology; introduction to psychology

Phyllis Terry Friedman, Professor Clinical Professor and Director of the Psychological Services Center, Clinical Program (Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology)

Annie Garner, Assistant Professor Clinical Program (Ph.D., University of Alabama Birmingham)

  • Morrissey Hall 2823, 977-4087,
  • Research and clinical interests: Clinical child psychology; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); ADHD and driving; ADHD and adolescence; ADHDTransition into adulthood; ADHD nosology and assessment; sluggish cognitive tempo (SCT)
  • Teaching: Lifespan Developmental Clinical Psychology; Clinical Child Assessment; Clinical Child Interventions; Research Vertical Team, Clinical Vertical Team

Jeffrey D. Gfeller, Professor, Department Chair, Clinical Program (Ph.D., Ohio University)
  • Morrissey Hall 2505, 977-2300,
  • Research Interests: Clinical neuropsychology; cognitive and emotional effects of brain injury; age-related changes in cognition; detection of malingering; assessment of intelligence and personality; ethical and professional issues in assessment
  • Teaching Interests: Clinical assessment; neuropsychological assessment; fundamentals of neuropsychology; introductory psychology

Paul J. Handal, Professor, Clinical Program (Ph.D., Saint Louis University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2733, 977-2277,
  • Research Interests: Relation of marital status, family climate and conflict on child, adolescent and adult adjustment; relation of religion, spirituality, and religious coping to adjustment; relation of death anxiety to adjustment; relation of physical/sexual abuse and witnessing violence on adjustment; primary prevention, community psychology and community mental health
  • Teaching Interests: Theories of psychotherapy; community psychology/primary prevention; ethics and professional issues; quasi-experimental design

Richard D. Harvey, Associate Professor, Industrial-Organizational Program and Experimental Program: Social (Ph.D., University of Kansas)

  • Morrissey Hall 2731, 977-3678,
  • Research Interests: Industrial/Organization & Social Psychology: Collective Identification (e.g., organizational, racial, national), Program Evaluation & Development, Stigma/Prejudice, and Teaching Scholarship.
  • Teaching Interests: organizational psychology; social psychology; psychology of oppression; industrial psychology; psychological statistics; psychology of prejudice

Dustin K. Jundt, Associate Professor, Industrial-Organizational Psychology (Ph.D., Michigan State University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2741, 977-5026,
  • Research Interests: Individual and team adaptation to changing task demands; self-regulated learning/skill acquisition; team processes and effectiveness.
  • Teaching Interests: Organizational Psychology; motivation; groups & teams; research methods; Multilevel Theory and Research.

David A. S. Kaufman, Assistant Professor, Clinical Program (Ph.D., University of Florida)

  • Morrissey Hall 2739, 977-2289,
  • Research Interests: Clinical neuropsychology; attention and cognitive flexibility; electrophysiology; multimodal neuroimaging; neuropsychological effects of traumatic brain injury and aging.
  • Teaching Interests: Fundamentals of neuropsychology, neuropsychological assessment, abnormal psychology.

Ronald T. Kellogg, Professor, Experimental Program: Cognition & Neuroscience (Ph.D., University of Colorado)

  • Morrissey Hall 2737, 977-2273,
  • Research Interests: Cognitive processes in writing; working memory in language production and thinking; conscious and unconscious processing in memory
  • Teaching Interests: Cognitive psychology; psycholinguistics; language and memory; psychology of writing

Kristin Kiddoo, Assistant Professor, Experimental Program: Social (Ph.D., Saint Louis University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2751, 977-2815,
  • Teaching Interests: Introductory psychology; research methods and statistics; social psychology

Challis Kinnucan, Assistant Professor, Experimental Program: Developmental (Ph.D., Saint Louis University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2749, 977-3676,
  • Research Interests: Children's cognitive development, particularly related to children's math and problem-solving abilities, children's self-regulation, parents' attitudes, and parent-child interations

Brenda A. Kirchhoff, Assistant Professor, Experimental Program: Neuroscience (Ph.D., Boston University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2803, 977-4268,
  • Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of memory; behavioral, structural, and functional neuroimaging studies of memory formation; effects of aging and type 1 diabetes on brain function; cognitive rehabilitation
  • Teaching Interests: Learning and memory, cognitive neuroscience, physiological psychology

Janet E. Kuebli, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Developmental (Ph.D., Emory University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2511, 977-2285,
  • Research Interests: Emotional development; role of family discourse processes in socialization; children's health/safety socialization; psychology of parenting; development of risk-taking; psychology of gender
  • Teaching Interests: Emotional and social development; socialization of emotion and self-understanding; family discourse and development; health socialization in families; discipline and parent-child conflict; psychology of gender; socialization of risk-taking; development of coping

Donna J. LaVoie, Professor, Experimental Program: Cognition and Neuroscience (Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School)
Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

  • Verhaegen 307 and Morrissey Hall 2745, 977-2227,
  • Research Interests: Memory function; age differences in false memory susceptibility; implicit memory function in older adults.
  • Teaching Interests: Cognitive psychology; cognitive aging; research methods.

Kimberly K. Powlishta, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Developmental and Director of Graduate Program in Experimental Psychology (Ph.D., Stanford University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2509, 977-2287,
  • Research Interests: Children's gender-related cognitions (e.g., stereotypes, self-descriptions, own-sex favoritism, reactions to gender-role violations); the development of stereotyping, prejudice, and social identity
  • Teaching Interests: Child development; social/personality development; research methods


Michael J. Ross, Professor, Clinical Program (Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia)

  • Morrissey Hall 2503, 977-2292,
  • Research Interests: Sport psychology (e.g., psychology of sport injury and rehabilitation, psychological skills training for performance enhancement); psychotherapy process and outcome; ethical and professional issues in clinical psychology; health and rehabilitation psychology; integration of social cognition and clinical psychology
  • Teaching Interests: Theories of psychotherapy; advanced ethics and professional practice; psychodynamic psychotherapy; advanced clinical research; practicum in clinical psychology; general psychology; abnormal psychology.
Cort W. Rudolph, Assistant Professor, Industrial-Organizational Program (Ph.D., Wayne State University)
  • Morrissey Hall 2827, 977-7299,
  • Research Interests: Work and aging, retirement, sustainable employability, stigma,  personnel psychology, judgment and decision making
  • Teaching Interests:  Personnel Psychology, Human Resources Selection, Performance Management and Appraisal, Lifespan Perspectives on Work and Aging, Meta-Analysis, Statistics, Research Methods.

Edward J. Sabin, Associate Professor, Industrial-Organizational Program, and Director of Industrial-Organizational Graduate Program (Ph.D., Saint Louis University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2501, 977-8170,
  • Research Interests: Organizational learning, change, and development; organizational assessment; the psychology of language and communication

Bryan W. Sokol, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Developmental  (Ph.D., University of British Columbia)

  • Morrissey Hall 2805, 977-2288,
  • Research Interests: Social understanding and developing theories of mind in middle childhood, moral psychology and empathy, social-emotional learning programs, adolescent identity development, self and culture, history and systems of psychology
  • Child & Adolescent Social Development Lab

Jillon S. Vander Wal, Professor, Clinical Program, and Director of Clinical Graduate Program (Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia)

  • Morrissey Hall 2745, 977-2282,
  • Research Interests: Eating disorders, obesity, and health behavior change; Clinical interests - cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, and empirically supported approaches to treatment; treatment of depression and anxiety

Ruth H. Warner, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Social (Ph.D., University of Kansas)

  • Morrissey Hall 2743, 977-2660,
  • Research Interests: Social justice and psychological well-being, history of victimization, intergroup relations, social identity, prejudice and stereotyping.
  • Teaching Interests: Social Psychology.

Jill D Waring, Assistant Professor, Experimental Program: Cognition and Neuroscience (Ph.D., Boston College)

  • Morrissey Hall 2829, 977-2299,
  • Research Interests: Intersection of emotion and cognition across the adult lifespan. Behavioral and neuroimaging studies of cognitive and affective neuroscience, with relationship to aging and wellbeing.

Terri L. Weaver, Professor, Clinical Program (Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2729, 977-2198,
  • Research Interests: Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); psychological and physical sequelae of traumatic events, especially family violence and sexual assault; psychological impact of violence-related injury; treatment outcome research; mental health treatment with war-exposed refugee populations
  • Teaching Interests: Psychopathology; abnormal psychology; psychology of trauma; advanced clinical research; health psychology; practicum in clinical psychology; cognitive behavior theory; cognitive behavior therapy

Jeremiah Weinstock, Associate Professor, Clinical Program (Ph.D., University of Memphis)

  • Morrissey Hall 2735, 977-2137,
  • Research Interests: Addictions, especially pathological gambling, alcohol use disorders, cocaine and heroin dependence, motivational interviewing, contingency management, cognitive behavioral therapy, and treatment outcome; exercise initiation and adherence; HIV.
  • Teaching Interests: Abnormal psychology; interventions for addictions.

Lisa Willoughby, Associate Professor, Experimental Program: Cognition & Neuroscience (Ph.D., Saint Louis University)

  • Morrissey Hall 2747, 977-2531,
  • Research Interests: Normal and abnormal cognitive function, psychopharmacology, and health outcomes in older adults


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