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Degree Options

The Studio Art program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, a minor in Studio Art, and a minor in Visual Communication in conjunction with the Department of Communication.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art is a pre-professional degree which prepares students to enter graduate programs, work in galleries or museums, work as artists, designers or art educators as well as apply their creative skills to other fields.

Students majoring in Studio Art encounter a progressive curriculum, one which develops important visual and spatial skills in lower level courses so students can expand and grow their abilities as an artist in the intensive upper level coursework.

After completion of early coursework, students select an area of emphasis to focus their study. Emphasis areas include Ceramics/Sculpture, Computer Art, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting and Printmaking.

The Minor in Studio Art augments study in another discipline by providing a broad experience in Studio Art. Studio Art minors complete the Art Foundation core in addition to six hours of course work which included 3 hours of Art History and an upper-level Studio Art course.

The Minor in Visual Communication provides an opportunity for students interested in graphic design, photojournalism, digital storytelling and visual communication theory to have an emphasis in these topics alongside any major.

For more information on the B.A. Minor, Minor in Studio Art or Minor in Visual Communication please contact Professor Amy Bautz.

Students need to submit a portfolio to become a studio art major. Submit a portfolio of at least twelve pieces and no more than fifteen. Include examples of observation-based drawings (not copied from photographs), and works in other media that represent your range of interests and skills in art. 

The Studio Art portfolio review process uses SlideRoom, an online review system.  Applicants register and submit their portfolio on the SlideRoom website using SLU's portal: SlideRoom is web-based, so all applicants need is an Internet connection and a modern web browser - and applicants with prepared digital files can quickly upload their portfolio within minutes. For more information, please visit the SlideRoom help desk applicant tips.

SlideRoom charges applicants a $10 transaction fee to submit a portfolio. For questions or concerns regarding the portfolio submission process, the SlideRoom fee, or to request a fee waiver, please contact  Rick Dunn at

Submitting your portfolio is just one step in the admission process. In order to be considered for admission to SLU, all candidates must also submit a formal application, provide transcripts, and complete any other additional steps listed. Applications need to be complete to be considered for admission and scholarships. Although SLU has rolling admissions, scholarship applications do have firm deadlines. The admission scholarship deadline is December 1st, and the Studio Art scholarship deadline is February 1st.

For technical difficulties with SlideRoom, email For questions about the Saint Louis University admissions process, please call 314.977.2500.

Transfer Options

The transfer policy is based on accepting no more than fifty percent of the courses needed for the major or minor. Currently a studio art major is 36 credit hours (30 in studio and 6 in art history) and a studio art minor is 21 credit hours (18 in studio and 3 in art history).

Therefore, the guidelines are:

A student majoring in Studio Art can transfer in up to 15 credit hours of studio art courses and no more than 18 credit hours total, including Art History.

A student minoring in Studio Art can transfer in up to 9 credit hours of studio art courses or 6 credit hours of studio art and 3 credit hours of Art History.

Receiving credit for specific SLU studio course(s) is contingent on an evaluation of the student's work by a full-time studio art faculty member. Students need to have the actual work or a digital portfolio with an image list that gives media and scale of the work, a course description(s) from the course catalog from the previous institution, and syllabi from these courses, if possible.

AP/Advanced Placement Policy

For a score of 4, the student will be assigned 3 hours of credit for ART2000 Drawing I, ART2100 Design, ART2120 Three-Dimensional Design, or ART2150 Color Theory (specific course designation will depend on the area of Advanced Placement Portfolio review).*

*AP credit cannot be counted toward the Studio Art major at SLU.

International Baccalaureate Policy

For a score of 5 or higher, the student will be assigned 3 hours of credit for the Fine and Performing Arts core requirement. *

*IB credit cannot be counted toward the Studio Art major at SLU.

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