Service Leadership Program

Cook School Day of Service

The Service Leadership Program at the John Cook School of Business is rooted in our values at Saint Louis University, and educate and inspires students through learning modules, leadership workshops, coursework and community service. 

From the classroom curriculum, we strive to provide a strong structure that will help our students grow into leaders who think ethically and innovatively to solve problems with the technical and critical thinking skills they learn.

The Service Leadership Program combines the need for a values-based education that inspires future leaders through the call to action in service learning.

More than 100,000 hours of service have been completed since the John Cook School of Business Service Leadership program was founded in 1996. Students can volunteer at a variety of service sites in the St. Louis community, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ronald McDonald House, Saint Louis University’s Campus Kitchen and many others.

To complete the program and earn the minor in service leadership, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • 15 credit hours of coursework
  • 200 hours of community service
  • Three learning modules
  • 12 leadership workshops

Students can attend external workshops and must submit an outside workshop approval form for it to count toward their requirement. Community service can be tracked using the service hours log sheet.

Service Day

The commitment of the Service Leadership Program comes to life each year when students take time out of their busy schedules to dedicate their talents, labor and care to the less fortunate in the St. Louis community. Students, as well as faculty and staff, join together and volunteer to serve and live out the values of our Jesuit tradition.

Each year the school and program choose a charitable cause partner. After months of preparation and planning the Cook School community comes together for a day to rally around the charity by providing supplies, labor and a commitment to bettering the programs and subsequently St. Louis.

Alternative Spring Break

The John Cook School of Business Service Leadership Alternative Spring Break Trip is an opportunity for SLU’s business students to take part in fun and productive community service projects while visiting an exciting and colorful American city.

During the trip, students might work at a food bank, serve meals at a homeless shelter, paint homes for the elderly or clean a municipal park. (Service varies from trip to trip.)

Beyond these service opportunities, participants may also have the chance to tour parts of the city, meet locals who are in need of assistance, dine at an ethnic restaurant and speak with Saint Louis University alumni.

If you are interested in attending the Service Leadership Alternative Spring Break Trip, contact the program at 314-977-3609 or