Women's and Gender Studies Faculty

The faculty in Saint Louis University’s Department of Women’s and Gender Studies are leading scholars in their fields. Their research includes topics such as the philosophy of feminism, women’s quest for citizenship rights and the battered women’s movement in St. Louis.

Primary Faculty

  • Penny Weiss, Ph.D., department chair
  • Gretchen Arnold, Ph.D.
  • Amanda Izzo, Ph.D.
  • Robert Strikwerda, Ph.D.
  • Claudia Karagoz, Ph.D.
  • Elena Dalla Torre, Ph.D.
  • Elisabeth Perry, Ph.D., emerita

Secondary Faculty

Faculty with secondary appointments in the Department of Women's and Gender Studies serve three-year terms and are able to renew their appointments. Faculty are selected based on their teaching, scholarship and commitment to students and the department.

July 2016-2019

  • Maria Cardona, Ph.D.
  • Ellen Crowell, Ph.D.
  • Lorri Glover, Ph.D.
  • Georgia Johnston, Ph.D.
  • Colleen McCluskey, Ph.D.
  • Wynne Moskop, Ph.D.
  • Lee Smith, Ph.D.
  • Constance Wagner, J.D.

July 2015- 2018

  • Ruth Evans, Ph.D.
  • Angela Smart, Ph.D.
  • Sabrina Tyuse, Ph.D.

July 2014-2017

  • Noelle Fearn, Ph.D.
  • Susan Tebb, Ph.D.
  • Toby Benis, Ph.D.
  • Claudia Karagoz, Ph.D.
  • Amber Knight, Ph.D.
  • Marcia McCormick, J.D.